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The Enterprise Defense Playbook for the New Decade

This is not a traditional security book

Today's security model is broken. For the better part of two decades enterprises have been protecting their organizations by bolting on new technologies and leveraging security tools focused on protecting the corporate office. The world has not only changed how we work, but also how we consume data. With this book we will explore how the security paradigm is changing, some of the security challenges we will face in the not too distant future, and practical recipes designed to help organizations address these changes.

 This early release of the book is being delivered in digital format so you can follow along, provide feedback, and receive the latest updates as they happen. A final copy of the book will be provided once complete. 

The Book

Learn from new research and predictions

Gain insight on security challenges faced by enterprise security leaders and practitioners across their ever changing technology landscape.

Read about the security stack of the near future

See how cloud security, endpoint threat protection, and security orchestration, automation and response truly work together.

Collaborate with your peers

Meet, greet, and share ideas with your fellow security thought leaders in a casual atmosphere with food and light refreshments served.

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Attendees will receive a copy of the forthcoming book, “Security 2025: a Vision for the Practitioner” available later this year. 

Amol Kulkarni

Chief Product Officer

Trevor Daughney

VP, Product Marketing


3:00 pm

Registration and check-in

3:30 pm

Welcome and introductions

Security 2025 workshop findings (featuring local security thought leaders)

3:15 pm

4:15 pm

Security Transformation: Insights from CrowdStrike, Exabeam and Netskope

5:15 pm

Panel: Next Steps Towards Future Security 

5:30 pm

Networking happy hour

Sean Cordero

Head of Cloud Strategy


Rinki Sethi

What is Security 2025?
Security 2025 is an ongoing research project conducted through workshops and interviews with hundreds of CISOs globally, to identify gaps between existing security stacks and protecting a cloud-enabled workforce, and to create a new practical guide for the cloud-native future of security.