What does the future of security look like?

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As people, data, and devices all leave the proverbial four walls of the corporate office, our traditional security controls can no longer protect them. Join in the conversation on how we can adapt our security programs and controls to take advantage of the new cloud operating model.

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Based on hundreds of discussions and research sessions, the Security 2025 book is a compilation of findings and guidance addressing the changing needs of security both today and in the future. See what industry peers have to say, make your own bold prediciations, and join in the conversation.

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The Project

Security 2025 is a research project focused on building a new and sustainable security blueprint. By coming together as security leaders we can use our real-world experiences and knowledge to redesign and rebuild the engine of security. Let's innovate our approach to create a cohesive and effective operating model that the industry can utilize for years to come.

  • How do we challenge ourselves to leverage the cloud for new innovaite ways of thinking?
  • How can we shape our teams and talent to better support the business?
  • How do we shift ourselves into a position where we can capably manage the fast-paced challenges we are faced with?
  • Can we keep pace with the changing threat landscape?

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See how security leaders are helping to redefine and provide a better future for security.