For the last 20 years we have reactively implemented monolithic security solutions, stacking legacy products on top of each other. This non-integrated approach has left our organizations to deal with significant complexity, resource drag and lack of effectiveness. As a community, it’s time to unite and define the new North Star of where security is headed. How do we challenge ourselves to a new way of thinking? What do we want our organizations to look like? How do we shift ourselves into a position where we can capably manage the fast-paced challenges we are faced with?

Security 2025 is a research project focused on building a new and sustainable security blueprint. By coming together as security leaders we can use our real-world experiences and knowledge to redesign and rebuild the engine of security. Let’s innovate our approach to create a cohesive and effective operating model that the industry can utilize for years to come.

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  • Drive a shift in how security programs are developed
  • Rethink and change the game to the advantage of the CISO
  • Accelerate the change of the cyber security industry towards a new architecture that is using cloud as its operating model:
    • Less complexity
    • More efficiency
    • Risk-based
    • Data aware
  • Create an advanced blueprint for the cloud security and digital transformation journey

Want to be a part of this innovative project?

As a prominent and respected security leader in our industry, we’d like to invite you to be a part of this innovative project. Whether your schedule permits you to be a large or small contributor, we have multiple ways to participate. Please see below for the different ways you get involved.


Participate in a 1:1 in-depth discussion that will cover 15-20 key topics and questions. Workshop can will last 1-3 hours. These sessions will help us better understand the current state of a business and security, and collect information about the desired outcomes of the future.


Join a dinner discussion with a few selected security leaders in your market to examine the current challenges in the industry. Dinners will last approximately 3 hours and give you the opportunity to provide input on several topics.


Be an individual written contributor. Contribution format, length, and topic direction will be designated on an individual basis based on expertise and level of comfort.